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What People Are Saying About Dale

It has been my pleasure to work with Dale on a number of projects through my work at Lakeland’s Entrepreneurship and Ohio Small Business Development Center. He has consistently provided results, value and extraordinary communication skills to our joint projects. It is a pleasure to have Dale on my team and any business would be lucky to have his expertise in its corner.

Gretchen Skok-DiSanto

Director, Lakeland Community College

Dale is not only a great guy but a valuable promoter of entrepreneur training in a time of great economic change.

He does his homework, and really understands how to bring valuable information to his audience. I’ve done lots of interviews over the years and as an interviewer Dale ranks near the top. I’d highly recommend his show and suggest if you get the opportunity to appear on his show that you take it. You won’t regret it!

Tony Rubleski

Author. Speaker. Marketer, Mind Capture Group

I would like to give a testimonial for Dale Stefancic about his knowledge and his ability to teach others. Often times you attend seminars by self described people that try to impress you with whom they know, or what they have done. I have attend four of Dale’s training sessions, and found out it is very obvious that Dale is well versed in the subject matter and can teach. After the last seminar my entire team stated to me personally, that was the most informative training they have been to. Would I recommend Dale’s training to everyone? No, only to those individuals that want to improve their business skills set, and take their business to the next pay level.
Jim Eberts, Jr

Ambassador and Founding Member , IION

I met Dale Stefancic a year ago and I have had the opportunity to not only work with him but get to know him as a friend.

Ours was a chance meeting through a mutual colleague and a program we both are using to grow our businesses.

I am new to being an entrepreneur and Dale has taught me so much about being in business and the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

His has many years of experience about things I honestly never gave much thought and I have been able to run things by him which has helped me immensely.

He knows his stuff, always provides value and when he tells you he is going to do something he does it a rare quality so get with Dale!

Linda Bomba

Entrepreneur, Home Based Business Owner, Social Media Guru

Listen to Dale’s Home Based Business Show where you can learn how to make more money with your business week after week after week.

Loral Langemeier

Success Coach and Author of the National Bestseller, The Millionaire Maker

Dale Stefancic gives great interview! Unlike many talk show hosts, he researches and is knowledgeable about the people he interviews, and asks questions he knows will be not just be of interest to his audience, but useful to them as well.

Whether you are a business owner looking for effective ideas and strategies or you are an expert who is seeking to share your insights and knowledge, Dale is the go-to guy.

Syndey Biddle Barrows

Entrepreneur.com Columnist , Previously known as the Mayflower Madam

 I have known Dale for many years and had the privilege of working with him on several projects. Dale is a special individual for two simple reasons: 1. He is a continuous learner and 2. He applies what he learns. This is important to you because he will bring years of knowledge to help you achieve your goals. These insights come from many of the world’s top business coaches and person development experts that Dale has interviewed over the years.  Because Dale has learned from his mistakes, he can help you get ahead faster by avoiding those same mistakes. I do not write endorsement often. I do so when I think the person deserves it and Dale deserves it. I am proud to call Dale both a friend and mentor.

Ron Finklestein

Business Growth Experience

I’ve met Dale at various business networking events and have had many one-to-one conversations with him about our respective businesses. He’s helped me become a better presenter, networker, and his advice has made me a better marketer (online and in-person). He knows what he’s good at, and in every conversation suggests innovative, efficient solutions to the challenges business owners have. I’m not saying everyone should work with him, just that he’ll definitely help you be more successful if you do. I highly recommend him.

Jeff Hexter

President, Always Keep Computing Inc.

It was a pleasure being on Dale’s radio show.

He does a great job providing resources, tools and information for small business entrepreneurs and provides an important service to the community

Dan Kennedy

Author, Strategic Advisor, Consultant, and Business Coach, GKIC

Consulting with Dale was a huge help. We knew we wanted a newsletter for our members, but needed some advice and guidance.

Dale provided the direction and resources to make it happen.

Our newsletter now is a key marketing and communication piece for our members. We send out information, updates, specials and articles this way and it has been a HUGE success with our members and customers!!

We highly recommend the services of Entrepreneurs On Call.

Geoff and Niki Delgrosso

Owners, Titan's Gym

Dale has been instrumental in bringing training, resources and tools that have accelerated the growth of our company.His teaching approach from over coming common objections to new ways to identify our markets is truly making a difference.Lastly, he has recommended additional opportunities to my company that has created an additional income for IIon and our agents.

Derek Booth

President , IIon Power

The Learning About Business organization wishes to thank you for participating in LAB Week 2016. By sharing your experience, passion, and expertise; Fridays focus on “Entrepreneurism” was all the better. Our students truly benefited from your words of wisdom, and you could tell they were engaged by their active participation and intricate inquisition.We appreciate that the entrepreneurial spirit is strong in you. We admire that, after a long successful career, you now dedicate yourself to helping other small business thrive and grow; and in turn enhance the quality of life for all involved.We hope you consider joining us again for LAB Week 2017, perhaps in an expanded role. You surely are an asset for any company looking to improve sales, social media strategies, or strategic planning goals.

Kirk Stonebrook

Executive Director, LAB


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